From 8th to 26th September researchers from IIASA and four national experts from the REDD-PAC pilot countries Cameroon, DRC and Republic of Congo gathered in Laxenburg, Austria for the third session of the Congo Basin REDD-PAC school.

The first training week was dedicated to the theory and practice of land use modeling using the GLOBIOM model (see agenda ).

In the remaining two weeks, the national experts integrated data collected from various institutions in the Congo Basin in the model and performed a series of model runs.

Furthermore, the event was a fruitful exercise in South-South cooperation between countries from all three major tropical basin, as besides Congo Basin REDD-PAC experts also partners from Indonesia and Brazil participated in the training session.

David Leclere (IIASA) - The GLOBIOM model & ERD team: an overview

Ulrich Kleinwechter (IIASA) - Economic theory behind GLOBIOM

Aline Mosnier (IIASA) - Future deforestation projections: comparison of different approaches

Aline Mosnier (IIASA) - GLOBIOM Input Data

Aline Mosnier (IIASA) - The Congo Basin study 2009-2010

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