REDD-PAC: REDD+ Policy Assessment Center

The REDD-PAC project aims at developing technical know-how and capacity in designing efficient, effective and environmentally relevant REDD+ strategies and land use policies. The project was funded by Germany's International Climate Initiative and run from November 2011 to May 2016.

For more information, please download the project description, a one-page summary, or a poster presentation. Voir aussi un résumé du projet en français.

Main Results of the REDD-PAC Project

GLOBIOM-Brazil land use and land cover (LUCC) database

We have produced a new land cover map for Brazil for years 2000 and 2010, based on a best combination of existing sources. A preview of some of the available datasets can be visualised below. The full content of the datasets is available as a WFS (Web Feature Service) in the following address (no password required):

The detailed description of the data in the WFS server is available in this technical report.

GLOBIOM-Brazil model results

Modelling Land Use Change in Brazil:2000-2050.
Final report describing the methods and results of GLOBIOM-Brazil including projected land use changes and emissions from 2020-2050. Prepared by the REDD-PAC project team, INPE-IIASA-IPEA-UNEP/WCMC, November 2015.

Modelling Land Use Change in Brazil:2000-2050.
Final short report. November 2015, .

Projected total forest in Brazil in 2030 under compliance of the Forest Code

Congo Basin land use model results

Short reports describing the methods and results of REDD-PAC for the Congo Basin including projected land use changes and emissions from 2000-2030. Reports are available both in English and French

Rapports synthèse des méthodes et resultats du projet REDD-PAC pour le Basin du Congo pour la période 2000-2030.

Biodiversity implications of REDD+

Project Partners

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

National Institute for Space Research - Brazil

Commission des forets d'Afrique Centrale/Central African Forests Commission

United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada

Funding Organization

Germany International Climate Initiative

Endorsed by

Global Land Project